Friday, December 9, 2011


Well over the past couple of weeks I've been so swamped with work that I've basically had no time to write. However I do have a valid excuse for preventing you from experiencing the glory that is my literary skills. I WAS BUSY! That seems to be the new, 'My dog ate my homework excuse'. Why haven't you submitted your practical assignments? I was busy... Why didn't you go to the store? I was busy...Why didn't you attend your own funeral? I said I WAS BUSY!
Practically speaking this is actually a pretty sad excuse seeing as the moment someone asks you ' Busy doing what ?', your mind goes like this --------------------------------------.

Anyway back to the topic at hand. I know that it's been a while but I'm back and ready to start afresh, and to all those who rejoiced the fact that I was gone for good. -.- [ Chinese Judgement]

So let's make this article a fast one. Hmmmm...topics to talk about, Man eating dolphin...Nah...Flying Baby...Nope...Man with guns for his hands...They've already heard of him...Tell you what give me a day to decide but for now I can simply say that I'M TOO BUSY!!! ;)

Till then keep coming back for more posts !!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cause the whole worlds bored of him begging for a pixel...Abeeshayke Sunil Photography

Well this is a first. I thought I'd start this day off peacefully. You know nothing heavy, maybe a game or 2 of FIFA followed by nothing =P

Instead I'm writing my second article for day about the dude who's been pestering everyone for the past week to give him a Pixel or whatever. Since I'm generally a nice guy I agreed to his outrageous request and decided to make it into something bigger cause you know me...I never do anything small ;)
So here's an idea I've been working on for quite a while on doing articles on real people. Hopefully I'm of to good start...

The world is his landscape and his hands are the brushes that are going to paint his masterpiece. His canvas is the Sony Nex-5N, the man amongst mice in the world of photography. Any image is lucky to be taken by him. His gifted fingers nimbly capture the precise moment in which the image's beauty couldn't be expressed better. Yes this is major suck up but I'm doing this as a favor so chill. Anyways this guy's awesome and he needs your help. Daring to test his skills out in the real world, he has entered the Sony DI Challenge in which he partakes in a competition that could make or break his career. Man I make everything sound awesome.

Yeah so you guys can help out by doing the following

Go to this link

Like the page
Click on "allow"
Then click on vote for your favorite

Then click on give a pixel beside the FIRST picture under the amateur section
(the black and white Arabian wind catcher/tower/fort)

God knows he needs our help so lets give the guy a break...Oh yeah tell me what you think and come back for more POSTS!!! :)