Monday, November 7, 2011

Sheer Bliss...Must be raining in Dubai

*Huh*...Why is the sky crying? What's going on? Where's the molten sun? It cannot be!!! Yes! It is...It's raining in Dubai, an event by itself. Maybe it's the icy chill of raindrops falling that gets everyone into the mood. Whatever the case be, rainfall is big in Dubai and I'm not the one to rain on everyone's parade [See what I did there]. Instead I've comprised a list of awesome stuff to do while the weathers this good, for god only knows how long this will last.

1- Football. The most important advantage about the rain is that people can actually step outside without being burnt to a crisp, & since I've been stuck at home for the past 4 days it's getting KINDA annoying to do nothing everyday. I mean I don't even have Fifa to keep me amused. [Yeah someone know's who I'm talking about]
2 - Eat & Drink anything that's remotely warming and then lounge in the balcony muttering to yourself how there's nothing better than this. Yeah that pretty much explained itself
3 - Update your FB status about the weather. It's like an uprising of weirdos...Seriously! It's raining...OMG the weather! Really like the drops of rain weren't enough for us to notice, we had to read your status as well to realize. Come on people, get out and do something
4 - Watch old movies on your sofa with the curtains shut and the lights & a.c. on blast. Yeah...I don't think anyone but me finds this amusing but I'm just putting it out there
5 - Go to a water park. Yeah as crazy as this sounds, there is nothing better than going to a water park in the rain. Firstly, there will be no crowd at all, also a little rain will add a chill to the air which it makes it more exciting. *WARNING* Party not responsible if you catch PNEUMONIA