Monday, October 31, 2011

People Giving out Treats? This has gotta be a Trick !

Something isn't right...Whats going on?....Why is there someone following me?...He's getting closer...Watch Out! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! * Munches Popcorn*

Ah yes, the subtle brilliance of monster movie marathons on Halloween. Nothing quite like it. With the dawn, or rather dusk, of the night of spooks and freaks upon us I thought I'd take the time to chat a little bit on how most of us will be spending this Hallows Eves, even though we won't be sticking a pumpkin on our head and walk about with a scythe like Jack the Ripper, the original weirdo planned :)

Lets see now, most of us will be stuck at home in our mom's basement glued to the T.V. watching reruns of 'Attack of the Squirrels' for the 10th time while we eat ourselves in a nightmare filled sleep. Wow memories sure do take you back :'). That, or we'll probably we attached to Facebook waiting anxiously for Halloween photo's to be uploaded by our 'FRIENDS' so that we can take a serious look on how miserable our lives are. Man! I really should stop writing from the heart =P

Halloween Loners

Hmmm * Thinks about what OTHER people do on Halloween *. Yeah, some people go trick or treating. Now this was the original idea behind this creepy holiday. Children dressed in costumes so tight they can't breathe, walking about knocking on strangers doors, waiting anxiously for them to dump chocolates past there expiration date into their little bags. Seriously! Does no one sense the oddness of this situation. We tell our kids not to talk to strangers then expect them to go once a year out and knock on weirdo's doors and demand candy from them. Lets, also not overlook the 'Trick' part of 'trick or treating'. Most recently released juvenile adults thrive in the opportunity to leave burning bags of *AHHHHHHMMMMMMPOOPMMMMMMM* in front of peoples door steps, ring the bell then watch as they stamp into a smelly surprise.

Whoops! Almost forgot about parties. They're the usually the highlight of Halloween seeing as adults get the chance to once again relive their depressing youth by dressing up in uncomfortable ugly costumes. Then comes the drinking with people getting wasted and collapsing onto someone's bathroom floor. The best part is the morning after Halloween where the real parade of costumes begins [Yes I made a HIMYM reference, so sue me !].

Ahh Halloween...Why you so Brilliant?

Enjoy This Halloween For It Could Be Your Last, Cause Jack The Ripper Is Coming Back From The Past...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [Fail Evil Laugh]

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