Friday, October 21, 2011


The long time argued about topic...' Do Gingers have SOULS!!!'. Most people seem to think not seeing as the web is splattered like pasta sauce, with articles, pin ups and jokes on why gingers have no souls. Heck there's even this one angry kid who gave an angry rant on why gingers do in fact have souls [Yes I overused the word angry]. Still I've always wondered how it got into peoples minds that gingers don't have souls. Some people say that gingers were normal people after being 'kissed' by a Dementor. Others state that they are simply redheads who didn't quite make the hair color mark.While a few even gave the ridiculous conclusions that it was caused by eating too many carrots! What ever the reasons for peoples views, I still say that it's a grossly blown up misconception and one that should be immediately rectified...But who's got the time to do that RIGHT?

Most Notable Gingers Through Time

Archie Andrews
That freckled ageless teenager was the original ginger and is probably the main reason why this whole Ginger- No Soul view thing started. I mean I guy who can't make up his mind about 2 drop dead gorgeous girls and is constantly in trouble for random things has got to have something wrong with him. Still a timeless classic though.

Chuck Norris
While people often confuse him for Rajnikanth's white brother, Chuck Norris is in fact the ultimate ginger. Made famous for his martial art movies as well as popular cartoon  show, ol' Chuckie over here definitely has the American masses  in the palm of his hands. Probably cause they seem oblivious to the carrot stain on his head

Rupert Grint
Hey, anybody who gets to be in close proximity with Emma Watson for 7 movies has definitely got something going on for him. not to mention that he's one of the richest Britishers in the world. Still it's probably only a one time thing though cause now that Lord Voldy's dead and Harry is finally free of the bald blue man that stalked him for his life, there's nothing left to do is there?...

Queen Elizabeth 1
I dub thee 'The Royal Ginger'. While Chuck may be considered as American royalty there's only one ginger who has truly made history [Besides Prince Harry but lets face it he's just got the title]. Yes, I'm talking about our very own monarch and most celebrated royal Queen Elizabeth 1. I mean she defeated the Spanish Armada for Christs sake. Damn the woman has some moves. She even had good hygiene, though in those days bathing more than once a month was considered odd.

The angry Ginger Rant-[Cartoon Adaptation]

Well that's my view on today's topic. If you feel I missed something or simply want to see more of Chuck Norris images let me know. Till then, keep coming back for more POSTS!!!

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