Friday, October 14, 2011

Three Peas In a Pod...Doesn't sound quite right

Anyone get the above reference? Seriously no one...Am I like usual the only one who understands it? Anyone get that reference?...Come ON! I'm dying out here. Whatever, for those of you who still haven't racked their brains hard enough to understand whats going on here I'm talking about being left out...

Every knows that one guy/girl...the one that always seems to be disposable whenever the situation arises. Going out with friends but this one guy/girl can't come cause it's like an hour too late. Do you reschedule the timings so that everyone can enjoy or do you simply not give a damn and move on? I'd say that most of you would choose the latter seeing as you always come before anyone else.

What about plans made with friends a few days in advance. Anyone think to invite him/her? NO! Obviously not because that would mean that you actually wanted them there. What I don't get though is then whats the point of being friends with them in the first place. I've thought about this over and over again but I simply can't seem to understand. I mean I get that people sometimes need a break from each other but maybe a year long vacation is a bit too much. What we don't get is that we don't even realize that we're hurting the other person. I mean better give them an assured no chance rather than a slim line [Refer to HIMYM episode with signature line ' I can't be with you...YET']

Not many of us know how it feels to be on the receiving end of loneliness (yes I made that up) but when we do we act all surprised and shocked as if something like that could happen to us. It happens to me. Now before you guys go out and start panicking or start feeling sorry for someone...Look at yourselves and think REAL hard, it'll come to you eventually

Hope you enjoyed today's rather dramatic post...come back for MORE [Oh yeah and if any of you have any ideas on what I should write about, I'm all ears...Seriously I'm running out of topics to rant about]

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