Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life is like a Time Bomb, It keeps counting down

*BEEPBEEP BEEPBEEP * ZZZ...HUH? *Looks at alarm clock 5:55 am...still got time, goes back to sleep* [After what seems like 5 minutes] *Wakes up...check alarm...6.40 am S***!!!*
Ever been in this situation? Electronic hands in the air if you have. Personally I always seem to be running short of time in my life...There's always so much that I have to do and so much more that I want to do. Sadly stupid Harry and his gang broke all the Time Turners down at the Ministry of magic so going back in time isn't an option. Oh well, guess I'll just have to manage  the same way everyone else complaining about it.

5 Ways in which TIME is a ______ [ I'll let you fill that space up]

1- 60 minutes. Seriously!!! Whoever thought that having sixty minutes in a hour would be a smart idea, shoot him/her. The most annoying thing about having 60 minutes is that maths problems become a heck lot more complicated...[Yes I put math as problem one]
2- Going Fast and Slow whenever it likes. So we're in the most boring 2 hours of our life and it seems like the clock has been struck by a freeze ray or something cause it seems to take 10 minutes to move like 2 seconds. However we've got only like an hour to play on the PS3 and like after 5 minutes you hear your mom complaining about sitting too long in front of the T.V. Life is seriously unfair.
3-  Being Late for everything. Look at it from my way. If there was no way of recording or calculating time, then we would never be late for anything. Okay maybe I'm just whining now
4- Growing Old. OMG I just though of this one. If there wasn't any time then we would be ageless. Now while this would suck for like 4 year olds and 65+, it would totally rock for me. Yes now I'm definitely whining.
5- Wasting time doing nothing. Okay if we're doing nothing why should time be moving. It should sit still and wait for us to start doing something before it decides to move on. Okay I have officially lost it =)

Well I'm out of time for now... Hope I didn't waste your time. Yeah I'm going to stop wasting your time with these bad puns...Come back for more posts


  1. I must say you've got a lot of time on your hands xD
    nice post though (Y)