Friday, September 30, 2011


WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Parties ain't no business product, they don't have no life cycle. Course if I said that I would be lying. After many decades of research involving being kicked out of several clubs, scientist have discovered that parties have a definite ♪Circle of Life♪. Why even Einstein was like, 'Bro E=MC2 can wait, time to solve this Party Problem' followed by a few drinks after which he was like, ' Look MA! I'm defying the laws of GRAVITY!'. Anyways enough about my ancient friend, lets see how parties live and die.

 Stage 1- Development. All great parties begin with an idea/desire/excuse/problem or the general feeling of boredom. This leads invites, evites and McVittes, followed by planning of finance,music, food and drinks. Finally the time is set, the due date approaches and the party begins!

Stage 2- Introduction. Guests begin to arrive, the music is on mellow and everyone gets the general feeling of excitement. This stage is crucial as people like to test out parties to see if they're going to be successful or not. Kinda like dipping your feet first into a pool to see if the water is the right temperature.

Stage 3- Growth. Bring on the DJ! I can feel the electricity in the air now. Time to get those bodies moving and shaking to those wicked beats. Lights dimmed, Volume on blast and the pizza on order. Seems like nothing can get better than this

Stage 4- Maturity. OMGAWD. This is THE party of the year. Feels lucky to be there 8). Time for the crowd pleasers to step in. Whether it's a dude showing of his break dancing skills or a group of girls with synchronized moves, this party is in full swing now! This could be the happiest moment of your life...Or Not

Stage 5- Stagnation. Too many people. Seems like a mosh pit rather than a party. Have these people heard of deo? Foods late :(. Lights have stopped working, things are getting broken. GAH what is going on. The music is too loud. Neighbors complaining. Did someone just collapse? Bring out the Medic.  

Stage 6-Decline. Parents going to be home soon!!! Guests are leaving. No ones dancing. I'm kinda tired just going to sit down now. Whoa! I've still got to clean this mess up. FOOD! Feels better with a mouth full of chicken =P Whew what a night...Totally worth it though, wonder whens the next one? Hmmm (refer back to stage 1)

Starts like this
 Ends like this

Possible ways to extend party  
  • Merging an ending party with one that's going to start soon somewhere else
  • Micheal Jackson
  • Playing 'Party Rock' (10% chance this may actually work)
  • Realizing you haven't even ordered yet
  • Bring out the strobe lights
  • Getting arrested [Prison Party (Y)]
 Still though... don't look a gift horse in the mouth (look it up cause I know you have no idea what I'm saying). A party is still a party. Something to never forget. Unlike who discovered America...

Hope you Enjoyed today's post...Cheers to Priyal for the idea. Come back for more POSTS!!!

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