Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 reasons why old people are Cranky!

Okay, it's a known fact that as you grow old you have two options on how to act. You can either age Gracefully and accept the slow deterioration of your body or you can Curse and Crib about every little thing that has gone wrong in your life. Strangely people often choose the latter and hence they can often be seen growling at little children. But their must be a reason for this behavior so I decided to investigate and found not 1 but 7 whole problems which make old people the way they are. Check Em out :

1 THEY POP WAAAY TOO MANY PILLS - Okay so there's a pill for hallucinations, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, abdominal dysfunction, the list goes on. What I'm trying to say is if every morning the only colors you see in your day are the multicolored tablets you're taking then you ain't got a lot being happy for.

2 ANTI AGING CREAMS COST TOO MUCH - It must be depressing to know that you can no longer hide beneath the mask of beauty products which cover the blemishes and scars of time that have ravaged your face. Instead you're forced to show off your permenant scowl that would make even you depressed if you looked at your self. After all we can't always be 'Forever Young' can we?

3 THEY HAVE TO WEAR ADULT DIAPERS - Both uncomfortable and itchy not to mention highly embarrassing. If you see an old person with a grim mood on his face you now know why.

4 THEIR FOOD IS GROSS - It is seriously sad to live life without enjoying your weekly burger, but as you grow old your stomach ages as well. So basically no spicy, sweet, salted, processed, packaged or solid food is allowed. Basically what were left with is a mushy form of strained carrots. ENJOY!

5 TOO MANY OF THEIR BODY PARTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED TO BE FUNNY ANYMORE - When teenagers meet they usually discuss music, sports, games or other NORMAL topics. When old folks hang out they usually discuss which part or their body has been removed recently. Okay so this lady got her gallbladder removed, this one her kidney, the doctor thought this one's appendix was swollen and removed it but it turned out to just be gas. Seriously don't ever go with your grandma to her friend's place. The stuff they talk about will make you sick

6 THEIR GAMES ARE LAME - Old people fun is seriously BORING. The majority of the elderly enjoy partaking in 24 hour games of bingo in which most of them wind up falling asleep on their chairs anyways. Other activities include card games like Bridge or sometimes even the occasional game of golf. Pardon me while I fall asleep from boredom

7  THEY TAKE WAAY TOO MANY NAPS - Just like a cranky child wakes up from a long nap so does an old person. Imagine you sleep 18 hours a day and wake up at 4 o clock in morning because you can't fall asleep. That is definitely going to push some buttons.

Enjoy what you can DO now or you'll regret it later

Hope you found today's article enlightening...or not. Come back for more posts :)

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