Saturday, August 20, 2011

6 Ways People BURP!!!

Okay you sick little gaseous weirdos, with all of you soon to be stuffing your faces as the month comes to a close I thought it best to have the TALK with you. No not THAT TALK, the talk about why it is seriously gross the way you people just seem to burp. * Shudders*. Seriously there are so many disgusting ways you do it, lets begin with the few I know of:

1 The REGULAR BRAWWWP- This is disgusting unavoidable at totally inappropriate. Had a big meal? Take an anti acid for gods sake. If you're on the receiving end bring a gas masks.

2 The Alphabetic Burp- There's always that one weirdo in the crowd that thinks burping the alphabet is deemed talent worthy. Unless you can you spell BREATH MINT give it a rest.

3 The Challengers Burp- Some people think it fun to see who can burp the loudest. This artificially manufactured gas release is both noisy and repulsive.

4 The Expanding Burp- It starts out small then begins to break the sound barrier. The final note of this frighting belch usually leaves people with limited hearing

5 The Nasal Burp- Unusual YES...But usually less alarming than others because of the discretion provided

6 The Delayed Burp- This is what happens when you fail at a burp at the whole thing kinda goes wrong . Unlike others this is actually harmful to the person dealing it and not the other way around


Avoid all of these through the simple action of  taking a digestive pill. If you don't have one at least be polite to say 'Excuse Me'. Yeah you know who I'm talking about. I'll leave you thinking about :
'Why it's cute when a girl burps but gross when a guy does?'

Anyways hope you liked today's article come back for more POSTS!!!

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