Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GOING WILD LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS...(except the hair shaving thing)

Have you ever let loose? Broken free from the bubble that is your humdrum life? Literally let your hair down ? WHAT was I thinking of course you have, it's YOU!

Your animal urge to to escape the rules of the establishment is a natural one. We'd all love to be the bad guy/girl for a change, not caring about anything, living in the moment and doing whatever we please. The adrenaline rush we get is a relative cocaine high and the giddiness we feel is almost euphoric. Still control is necessary cause unless you want to wake up at noon on a hard concrete floor in some random persons house then you better not get wasted.

It's not that I'm discouraging it, you should in fact let loose once a while to break free of all that stress and tension that builds up from endless hours of watching previous seasons of HIMYM (Season choice not limited ).Whatever you do make sure it's within the LAW. I'm pretty sure setting your neighbor's car on fire would probably land you in jail. Then you can finally experience PARTYING LIKE A PRISONER!

Even I the rigid rule enforcer like to once in a while break free of constant studying and enjoy a nice book ( GOD I'm lame ). So unless you want to become like ME or a version of ME, (Yeah I know who wouldn't) then drop whatever you're doing and just go out and fun, UNLESS you're already having fun, but I know you aren't... You're reading this aren't you ;)

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