Friday, August 5, 2011


Do I want to be an architect?...Maybe a heart surgeon would be the job for me...How about a lawyer?...Well whatever it is decide now unless you want to end up 30 years old and living in your mom's basement playing massive amounts of Black Ops on your PS3. If you're like me and have reached a point of life when your future is in question then its time to do what everyone else does...Figure out what your good at.
Now while results are due soon and the tension seems to be slowly building up, I'm not entirely afraid of how things will go. The reason is I know that even if I MAY have done bad ( Which I highly doubt ) there are still several other options available for us. Jobs such as Movie Making, F1 car racing or even Presidency don't require what you are taught in school. The subjects you may have chosen may just reflect what you are currently bad at which means there are now that many more options available for you which you may be good at. Lets also look at it from a different point of view...In certain cases you may be good at a subject but just in a more concentrated field of it rather than the whole thing. Take computers for example, are you good with hardware or software?, Design or Programming,  The Internet or Microsoft Office...Whatever it is this proves that while you may have done bad in a subject now doesn't necessarily mean you're bad at it, it just means you're too advanced for them to take recognition of your awesomeness. Oh yeah and if you're thinking that I'm talking through my ass cause I don't know how it feels to be bad at something GET REAL...nobody's perfect. So find out what you're good at and use it to its full potential. Remember everyone is gifted, the difficult part is just finding out how...
 Hope you enjoyed today's post and 2 everyone whose results are due GOOD LUCK..till next time come back for more POST!!! :)

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