Saturday, July 30, 2011

Living that MEATLESS LIFE!!!

Oh the AGONY!!!...Being in India where most of my relatives don't eat meat, vegetables are now high on the food list. Like a recovering alcoholic I've been 3 days, 8 hours and exactly 12 minutes with out meat. This got me thinking ( I don't know it could be the lack of proper food that's affecting my brain ) how exactly do vegetarians simply live their entire lives or at least part of it without a sharwarma...

It must take nerves of steel resist a kabab but vegetarians do it everyday...They replace meat with tofu and trust me it's not the same. So lets look at why people actually give up eating what man was made to sink his teeth into. Firstly, and most importantly due to religious reasons people give up eating meat. Now I don't know how a god's supposed to be pleased if you give up something you love but I guess that's the case. There are also those AUSTRALIANS ( say it in their accent ) who think that a vegetarian means meat isn't allowed but fish and eggs is. Now someone please tell if fish isn't meat then what is it a vegetable??? Seriously if you're ever flying to Sydney and are vegetarian DON"T order the veg option on the flight you'll get a Fish kebab...If I'm not mistaken there are also those vegetarians who don't meat but eat eggs. Now there is a lot of controversy over this, some people think that cause the eggs we get in Dubai aren't fertilized they are technically not a living thing...To me that is completely untrue cause fish eggs are the same thing but you don't see people eating them if they're vegetarian now do you? Finally there are those crazy people who give up eating meat for health reasons...There is one major flaw to this plan. Do you know that in zoos, animals that don't eat meat are give blocks of salt which they rush to lick...That's the case cause since veggies don't get their daily salt intake from meat they tend to over load their vegetarian dishes. Still it could be worse...You could be me a Meat Lover stuck in India and dying for a burger...


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