Saturday, July 9, 2011

DUDE! Where'd my Allowance go??

Money problems! We've all had them and could never get rid of them. The main reason is our allowance is WAY too small for our liking. Adults have no idea that to a teenager money is an everyday need, but why so? The reason is simple, we teens simply have a lot more stuff to spend on than adults could possibly imagine. So today I decided to write an article on the reasons why there's always a hole in your pocket by the end of the month.

  1. That food factor. As teenagers we tend to stuff our faces with whatever junk we can find, as previously mentioned in my earlier article. However adults just don't seem to realize that when food is prepared at home why should we eat outside. Due to this our income is not budgeted to include everyday burgers from Jabal Al Noor ( I hope I got the name right )
  2. Dressing Up. Face it, the clothes our parents buy for us are WAAAY out of style. This means that we have to spend our HARD EARNED money on ridiculously expensive shirts & jeans. Stuff our parents are SUPPOSED to buy for us.
  3. Movies. 3-D Movies is something that everyone must experience. Unfortunately that experience comes at a hefty price. That and the over priced popcorn or nachos ( though the caramel popcorn is SOOO tasty ) which is a must for every enjoyable movie experience. Lets not forget how often we go for movies ( Weekly ) and those ticket cost can add up to quite a tidy sum. Seriously think about it, how many off you will be going to see Harry Potter 7 :Part 2 in 3-D???
  4. Random Plans. Every so often, one of your friends has an epiphany  and decides to make a plan for his/her entire group. It might be a party, football, the mall or even extreme things like para sailing :p. While these might be fun they do tend to strain your already stretched finances. Problem arise when  you have to decide between 2 epic events
  5. Games. 200 Dhs for a single game!!! Obviously that money making racket of Sony & Microsoft have discovered that we'll do anything for their gaming goodness even it means paying double the production cost. Don't forget games like FIFA and Call of Duty, which develop new series each year making the old one obsolete. This is why hacking the PS3 and X Box is a blessing to all gamers
  6. That useless junk. Its happened to all of us. We buy something we think we'll actually use but then end up dumping it as soon as we come home. We all have those toys we never played with, clothes we never wore, things we thought were cool but then became outdated. Overall its stuff we'll never use even though we spent good money for it.

That's all I can think of, if you have any more reasons I'm all years. However if your short of cash you could always try the alternative of  earning your own dough. Here's one example





Hope you enjoyed todays post. Come back the day after for the next post!!! :)
Srry I have a feeling I'll be too busy to write today :P

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