Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It all happened too soon

PAIN, ironic but it hurts.Sadly, sometimes pain never goes away. The trick is to get over it. But how can we when sometimes the very thing that holds us together is taken away from us. The grief is sometimes too much to bear and it haunts us for the rest of life. The misery that place takes changes us and we're never the person we once were. Losing someone can be difficult, and while I know how much you're hurting now and how little you care about the world around you, I hope that what I have say can at least start the process of healing you...

Moving on  
Life is like a second,
In a flash it can be gone,
That emptiness you feel inside of you,
When you realize everything's lost,

The hurt that you feel, 
That will never go away,
Losing someone you love,
Oh, why did life have to be this way,

And when you try to pick up the pieces,
It seems to make things worse,
And you wonder why life did this to you,
Why did it leave you with this curse,

But a time will come when you realize,
That life goes on,
And the sooner that that time comes,
The quicker you'll learn to move on...

                                     -Danesh Sethna

To all those out there I hope that this will at help ease you pain, for I know what it feels like to lose someone you love...

Life's too short, so the more we take care of our lives the better. If you care for your mom it's time you helped her take care of her life. Which is why I encourage everyone to take part in the 'Protect your Mom Campaign', an event that creates awareness about Breast Cancer...
The link is 

Take care of life for every moment is precious...
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