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Are you in???

Experiencing life in the moment...That's what living is all about, and for a teenager it's all they ever want.But Where to start?Where to go?What to do?...Those questions often fall short of answers but no more. Yesterday I had the honor of visiting the most amazing place a teenager in the UAE can ever hope to experience, The Republic. Now you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. In simple words The Republic in an organization created by the youth for the youth... Their main focus is helping stress filled youngsters in the Middle East unwind and relax. How do they do this? Lets just say I that I found out...

Just like all great things in life, The Republic began with an idea . The 3 original founders decided that teens in Dubai needed the chance to experience life like everyone other teen in the world despite the extreme heat. This idea has grown into a WORLDWIDE recognized organization and is continuing to rapidly expand. 'But what so good about it?', you ask.Well for starters...

3 Great Men- 1 idea
An idea that changed their lives for ever

Sounds cheesy?...Yeah I thought so too but they're not what you think. Unlike regular boring cliched 'groups of people with similar interests', this actually means what it says. By compulsion you must join the 'Community Service' where as the others are optional. Now don't go saying that community service is lame, you gotta give back something towards the organization ( thy group ). Besides that there are various clubs for you to join. The club leaders will be your mentors for the time you're at The Republic, helping you learn and improve what you love to do the most...but I'm getting ahead of my self, lets see what The Republic's Clubs have to offer...

Get your heart pumping and feel the blood racing to your head with this great club. To all my Sexist friends out there, the club's run by a GIRL!!! Mainly Football,Paintball and other outdoorsy stuff, the club is hoping to expand into an EXTREME SPORTS range once it develops further. Imagine how much fun it would be to sky dive...(Lost in fantasy for a moment). Now while I'm not usually fond of playing in the boiling heat of Dubai, there are those who do. If you want to Experience Life in a way never seen before then this is the place to be

For those of you who read the first two words without thinking, NO this is not about BLACKOPS!!!(Check G33kme for that). It's actually a photography club perfect for amateurs. The group's leader is an avid photographer and is willing to get up at 4 A.M just to get that perfect shot. If you're interested they take regular trips around the area snapping anything with a heartbeat :P...This picture perfect group is just as great as it sounds... unless your out of memory space...

To my writing peeps, OUR TIME HAS COME. Finally we can write,edit,animate and design to hearts content. Be warned though as this is not an easy job so join only if you're certain. By committing you'll be working with the Editorial team here at TheRepublic which will include writing articles for the EVER GROWING WEBZINE (U.A.E's first online teen MAGAZINE), promoting competitions that may be currently running and also designing new additions to the website as well as T-Shirts and  Posters. Lets also not forget the exhibitions, seminars and discussions attended by the group members in which experts will be present. 
It truly is a journalist's dream come true ...

Yes I know what your thinking...I'M NOT G33K!!!  Such lies, tell me do you own a PS3/X-Box? Spend hours on FB or BBM? Know about latest gadget releases? Well then your a G33K!!! Don't worry G33ks are cool ( I think just made them uncool by saying that), whatever. Anyways, if you're more interested on why your Kill Streak in BlackOps is so low rather than anything else, then this is the place to be. There are other things also that are seriously cool. The club firstly does reviews on anything and everything popular in the tech market. This means that they get to try out games before they're EVEN RELEASED!!! Interested? Wait there's more, the club is also going to have it own website where the most epic of all GAMERS will congregate for a mass online BATTLE (well we can all dream can't we???, )...The group actually is The Hub of today's technology.

Seriously, that's what I first thought when I read the name of the club. My bad I guess cause it's actually a legit organization called Toastmasters International which has branched out to The Republic. The main purpose of the Toastmasters (auto correct keeps changing it to toasters :P) is to help develop your communication skills. Things like public speaking is the major focus but the group will also help you hone your acting skills. After all acting is 20% looks 80% speaking, so yeah...
The OSCAR goes to this group I guess

Got DOWNLOADERS HAND???(I totally made that up). Tired of clicking 'Download Torrent' just to enjoy a movie??? Well look no further cause here at the Movie Club the members will get to enjoy a weekly screening of a movie at the Living Rooms Café, Dubai Festival City. Its not all caramel popcorn though cause after the movie a discussion will follow in which members are questioned on the filming, concept and acting of the movie. So before you brush the dust of your 3-D glasses think twice. Still it's a AMAZING opportunity for all those interested in film making as well as those die hard movie fans...This is definitely the next BLOCKBUSTER HIT!!!

Got that UNIQUE THINKING?CAN'T figure out how to EXPRESS IT? Then this is the club for you. Helping making ideas a reality is a specialty of theirs. If you're a person like me who loves to wonder 'What would it be like IF...?', then you're in the right place. The club is run by rising professionals who were once like you, BRILLIANT but with no way to SHOW IT. I've had my head in the clouds for sometime now and with this group my dreams can finally come true...

Get that inner glow when you feel that you've done something good? Great cause that means you're perfect for this club. We aim to help, one step at a time. The most humble of all clubs this one definitely caught my attention due to its selfless actions. They donate blood, help cancer patients and aid those in need. If you've got a heart made of gold like all of the group's members, then what are you WAITING FOR??? JOIN ALREADY!!!

Similar to Taw'iya but more focused on helping the people around us. The Republic strives to ensure that its rep as caregiver is well maintained. Helping those less fortunate by e.g. collecting food, is just one of the ways in which this group provides for the community. This group is compulsory for all members as it shows that you are committed towards helping TR ensure that its goals are met. The group was specifically made to ensure that you feel good about the effort and involvement you are putting into the organization. A sure WINNER if you ask me... 

Well so much for the clubs, lets see what else TR has to offer...

It's an online masterpiece when you think about it. Every aspect of TR is linked to the website. Credit for this teen haven goes to TR's technical head. While TR does regret the amount of time you'll be spending on it due to its AWESOMENESS, it's still a cool thing to check out at

Need to know what to do in summer? Want a review about latest movie releases? Wondering how to shop on a budget?...All of these great articles can be found only at the Webzine. They're even thinking about making a hard copy version.It's THAT great

From hotdog eating competitions, to design workshops TR has it all. Its most recent ones included the highly successful 'Press & Play' a Gaming Competition which attracted hundreds as well as the 'SFS FIESTA' an event for special needs children. TR has definitely outdone itself now

TR specializes in recruiting local as well international talent to come here and display their skills for you. While this is currently focused around music mostly it is expanding to artists, photographers and other cool talents. To name a few of the great bands they've brought there's NIKOTIN, SOULFUEL and DJ SHADOW.

Want an IPAD2??? Well you could have won one if you had entered in the earlier IPAD competition. Besides that rather EPIC giveaway they have other competitions with a minimum of 2 a month. Where do I sign up???...Oh wait I already did

Everything from games, clothes and mobile phones. The website regularly publishes little tidbits of information about what'ss currently going on at TR...They even have offers such as discounts available

Show your by getting yourself a T-Shirt. New members get the basic one for free as well the starters kit
Well I think that's TR in a nutshell...Besides I've probably reached my blogging limit...Oh wait contact details :P

You can find them at
Events Team:
Marketing Team:
Public Relations:
Media Team:
General Enquiries:

WELL I'M DONE...Check the place out...they hold meetings every first and third Saturday of the month, usually at ACADEMIC CITY

One thing though...When in republic you're not in a commercially driven organization...NO you're in a FAMILY!!! 

 Seriously hope you found this article interesting...Come back for more POSTS!!!:)

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