Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parents-A blessing in DISGUISE???

Can it really be???...Can parents actually be useful to us especially in our teenage years???...The answer is yes. Based on what I posted yesterday most of you must be having a pretty negative opinion about your folks since I reminded you in how many ways they make your life a living hell. There are however, some major plus points for having parents which makes them useful to keep around. So before you start packing your bags and tell your folks you're moving to the local YMCA just read why they actually may be useful.

  • The provider (Or rather 'Gets what you wanter'). The most important reason why parents are a must is that they provide for you. Be it schooling, health, clothes, toys whatever it is that you may require to enjoy your life. Now while most of you might say that that's all stuff we can do without, I personally cannot dream of living without my X-Box or mobile phone. More importantly they are also the ones who give you your allowance (isn't that word just magical...say it with me ALLOWANCE). This basically means that they're paying for your meals when you eat at malls or when you go out with your friends for a movie or  when you shop for stuff you like. I just remembered another occasion when parents provide expensive things ... BIRTHDAY GIFTS. Admit it - how many of you have casually  hinted what you have wanted for your birthday at least a month before, and isn't it a great feeling when you wake up on your special day to find out your parents have gotten you exactly what you wanted...Well to me it is
  • The shoulder to lean on. Looking back at these past few years I realize how many times I've had to rely on my parents for something urgent. It may have been advice on how to do better in school, consolation when I was upset and most importantly TLC (tender loving care) when I needed it the most. Our parents have always been our ROCK for us to depend upon. Think of the parties they helped us organize when we were kids or even as teenagers when they drove us everywhere we wanted, our parents have always been therefore us no matter what the problem. I also feel that it's worth mentioning that some things can only be confided to members of the family. Each of us at some point in our lives have told our parents something confidential because we TRUST them enough to tell us what is the right thing to do. As a personal experience I remember the times when I used to constantly get jealous of anyone who would upstage me. As I recall it was both my parents who told me to be humble, to accept defeat and work hard to be the best the next time. Naturally to me I didn't change so much over the years but that piece of advice has always been as a guide to me when i needed it the most
  • The Caregiver. While most of us may choose to deny it, our parents actually DO care for us. Think of the number of times they have done what we've asked simply because they love us. It could be small things like making your favorite meal or major ones like staying up late in the night helping you cram for an exam you were supposed to study for weeks ago. They've alwaysbeen there for us whether we choose to accept it or not. Enough of occasional experiences with your parents in which they do something nice, lets move onto the daily stuff. Everyday your parents unknowing to you have cleaned up your room. While you may not even notice how your dirty socks seem to have magically picked themselves up and placed themselves in the washer your parents do, and not once have they claimed credit for this tiresome task
  • The morale booster. Ever flunked a subject. Tried to ride a bike and fallen down on your first try. Heartbroken because your feel your friends hate you. Have you ever wondered how you got through all of that without so much as a scratch on your self confidence? The answer is right there, it's your parents. Throughout your life they've been supporting you in whatever decisions you may have made be they right or wrong. It seems like they're the invisible force urging you to do what your passionate about, encouraging you take risk and most importantly challenging you to reach your full potential in every way possible.
  • The persons who gives it all up. The number of things our parents have given up for us is a never ending list, but I'll try to name a few. Lets see most of Our moms have sacrificed their careers, Our dads their hobbies, Our grandparents their retirement, but that's just barely the tip of the iceberg. All of our parents hopes and dreams have come to a bitter sweet end the moment we came into their lives. It's a sad but definite truth.

Now before you go start feeling bad for yourself HOLD IT!!!...The reason your parents sacrificed everything, their hopes, dreams and futures was because none of that mattered when YOU came into their world. ALWAYS remember that!!!

I hope u liked today's article  come back tomorrow for the next Daily post!!!

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