Monday, July 4, 2011

Purrfectly suited 2 you

Pets.The single word says it all...Be they small, large, cute or furry, most of us at some point of time in our lives have wanted a pet.

While the majority of us prefer to own a cat or a dog, in extremely cold or hot areas (like Dubai for example) that is simply not possible. It is sheer torture to take your animal out for a walk in the scorching streets of Dubai where temperatures can rise to 48 degrees Celsius. However, there are other alternatives such as guinea pigs (or any other small rodents), fish or even birds...While these smaller animals may have a better chance of surviving Dubai's climate, since they're most of the time indoors and in an air-conditioned environment, they still need to be taken care of. So today I thought I would talk to you about basic animal care for your pets and how to keep them happy. :)


Dogs, the king of all pets :)...You've got to admit they look damn cute...Play with u, Care for u, Love u dogs, Give you their unfailing loyalty and so have rightfully earned the title of man's best friend...However taking care of them can be a bit more problematic. Here are a few tips to make their lives more comfortable :
  • They need walks at least twice in one day (trust me you'll be the one with the hyper active four month old in your house who is messing up your living room if you don't do this)
  • In order to maintain good hygiene brushing their teeth is important ...Try to use a soft toothbrush and brush regularly to avoid gum disease
  • Fleas. A dog's worst friend and it can be yours too (You'll be itching  too)...A regular brushing with flea powder using a soft brush as well monthly baths are important to prevent this (make sure you use a dog shampoo and not 'Head & Shoulders'!!)
  • Contrary to popular belief dogs need not eat MEAT!!! In fact if you give a diet purely based on meat he'll become lethargic and sick. Dogs will eat vegetables if you simply sprinkle the water in which the meat was cooked over the food.
  • Their claws will also need to be cut ever so often. Dogs have a small part of their nails filled with blood called the BLOODLINE so be careful not to cut that 
  • Finally and most important.DOGS NEED COMPANIONS. Be it animal or human ...dogs blend well with other animals (cats included) and will become lonely if they don't have a companion with them

The YOUTUBE sensations...For the past year cats have been popping up on youtube doing a number of ridiculous tricks ...Besides there recently discovered stardom there is a lot to them than just youtube stunts.It can be amusing to watch jump onto your furniture (mind the hairs) or else see them sprawl out in the sun...They too will need considerable care and  following these tips will ensure it
  • Exercise.Cats in Dubai tend to become seriously obese (like pregnant looking) by doing nothing at all (No thanks to 'Whiskas' the most fattening cat food alive) so to prevent this they will need considerable exercise .The easiest way to do this is to get them YARN...yes the stringy thing you see cats play with in cartoons actually works since it amuses cats for a while ...Be warned though that you'll be the one picking up the string
  • Scratching.Cats will need to sharpen there claws every now and then and if you don't have a scratching post say bye bye to your precious curtains.Before you start panicking fear not as its quite simple to make your own scratching post .Simply wrap a cardboard roll in cloth and let your cat scratch away
  • Kitty litter.Hell in the form of an aroma.As cats don't necessarily take walks they will do there BUSINESS elsewhere and if you don't have a litter box beware the worst .However it easy to make your own as a tub filled with sand  will be ideal ...
  • The most important thing to beware of is UNWANTED BREEDING .Living in Dubai where cats roam the streets can be quite problematic if your cat is not neutered.Even cats can get std s and therefore its important to get your cat spayed and soon as possible.


Be they rabbits,guinea pigs,mice or even hamsters.These furry little creatures make you just wanna *snuggle snuggle snuggle*...They are small creatures though and therefore can catch illnesses very easily and will need considerate care to ensure there proper survival
  • Cleanliness.Based on first hand experience let me ensure you that your house is gonna smell like (well lets just say not nice) if you don't clean their cage often.These little animal's urine is often acidic and can create highly toxic fumes if not cleaned.
  • Shedding.They're furry and sweet and will leave hairs all around your feet.Beware of small hairs if your asthmatic or have small children around.However their shedding can be reduced by giving them regular haircuts and ensuring that their diet is good so that they don't shed that often.
  • Falling sick.These creatures can get anything from colds to cancer so monitoring your pet is especially important.First signs to look out for is liquid stool and lack of diet followed by lethargy.Even though they're small these pets will need regular visits to the vet to ensure that they are healthy 
  • Diet.Mostly vegetarian though I don't know why these pet food companies keep putting meat pellets in their food which they don't eat.However certain foods will not agree with certain pets and have to be watched out for
  • WARNING.Ze small furry creatures hate loud noise so keep the T.V on low when they're nearby

 While not as popular as cats or dogs birds do play an important role in the pet society.Since every bird cant be a yellow canaries that sing while in the bath or say *here puddey puddey* love birds and parrots at quite common these days.Their main amusement comes from the fact that they can learn to mimic your words if well taught, it's also worth pointing out there incredibly soft feathers.These birds are fragile though and like nearly every other pet will need proper care
  • Droppings.(GROSS!!!) Bird poo can be seriously disgusting...Now while I'm not pointing any fingers i happen to have several friends who have had either a crow or a pigeon do its business on their heads :P...If your keeping your birds in a cage make sure that its newspaper lined to ensure limited mess
  • Cage.If your one of those people who like keeping creatures trapped in cages at least have the heart to give them a good one.Make sure your bird cage is in a cool and shady spot and is large enough for the bird to at least fly about
  • Company.In the wild birds lived in groups so its only fair that they'll want company...Love birds usually come in pairs but if your buying a parrot at least buy him a mate or something that will keep him entertained
  • WARNING.Just like ze small furry creature certain birds don't respond well to certain foods...For eg: Giving parrots avocados can be fatal to them so watch out 
 Well that's it for what I have to say today I hope my post at least wasn't a complete waste of time!!! 

Oh yeah to the friends out there who are reading this ... I hope you dont mind I "borrowed" some of your pictures from FB so credits to them 


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