Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gaming to the MAX!!!

Camper, Newbie, PKing is all stuff we here in the world of gaming. Having evolved from a 2 bit game of Pong, gaming is now the number one most done activity ( besides breathing of course ). There are many different consoles to play games on and each one affects the games overall performance. However, only a few of them are really popular to be demanded worldwide. Today's article will focus on the most popular type of gaming consoles and why people are now spending more on gaming than on anything else...

The PS3
Critically acclaimed as the best thing that ever hit the Gaming world, Sony's PS3 is definitely at our top spot. Revolutionizing gaming by being one of the first consoles to offer FREE online play, it is currently the most bought gaming system. But what makes it so widely demanded?. Could it be the awesome maneuverability using the wireless console, the supreme processing power of the system or the EPIC games available. However the PS3 is not  perfect as it has some MAJOR FLAWS. Firstly, for certain games the console does not provide sufficient control ( e.g F1 Racing in which a Steering Wheel is need ), in order to truly enjoy the game an additional device will have to be bought. Lets also not forget the recent shut down of PSN due it being hacked which shows the lack of security when playing online. Finally the most important problem with the PS3 is that games are usually built only for online play with very little story mode. This means that without PSN the PS3 would be as useful as Windows 98...It's worth mentioning though that despite all these flaws the PS3 is still hugely demanded

X-BOX 360
Second down the line of top consoles is THE X-BOX (dramatic music). It's easy to start up, efficient and has really awesome games. It was regarded as the first console to make online gaming easily accessible which means we owe it a lot of wasted hours. The best thing though about the X-BOX is it's always pushing gaming forward. Take the Kinect for example, it was a breakthrough in virtual gaming when it first hit the stores and it proved to the world that Microsoft is still the BAAP of all technology devices. Major Problem ( And i Mean MAJOR in the most MAJORIEST of ways ) is that the X-BOX OVERHEATS!!! I know how can something so good have such a huge flaw...play the X-BOX for too long or leave it on and calamity strikes. You'll be the one spending a bundle on getting it repaired. Lets also not forget the bundle you'll be blowing on online play ( yes it's not free ). Stupid Microsoft they never could get their priorities straight.

Admit it. THIS archaic device was once the highlight of our lives, BACK IN THE DAY. Not so much now though as FACEBOOK seems to have taken over a proportion of our gaming lives on the computer. Still, there are those few who enjoy a daily game of World of Warcraft at 8 pounds a month even though they tend to get obsessed and insane due to overuse. However for those of you cannot afford the high prices Sony and Microsoft charge for their games can enjoy the very same thing for free by downloading it for their computer. Remember there no joy in playing FIFA using keyboard keys so go for the real thing if you can ( By real I mean artificial ). However, don't forget that recently computer solely created ( Like Alienware ) for gaming have been developed

I Phone
I can't believe this is really here...Still I should have guessed it now that 'Angry Birds' became the most download game EVER!!!...The I Phone's games have drastically improved over the years and are severely addicting so WATCH OUT. The reason behind the I Phones sudden gaming popularity is that the games are simple, easy to play, addicting and fun. The I Phone's portability have also dubbed it as 'Gaming On The Go' a title previously held by Sony's PSP. The games are also cheap being usually only 0.99$  which is seriously low compared to the $60 charged for nearly all other console games. The future for the I Phone is unknown but I'm telling you that it sure isn't bleak.

Hope you enjoyed today's article. Come back next time for more POSTS!!!

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