Monday, July 11, 2011


Everybody luuuuves to party. Even loners party by themselves (hey it still counts no?) but that's a different story. Parties are used as a place to let loose and have fun while being in the company of those you care off. THAT, was actually how parties used to be 10 years ago. Seriously when people party today it's usually a wild collaboration of the high,creepy and psychos. Still, going to parties can be fun  so I decide to focus todays article of what makes a perfect partaay!!!

  • When people click. The thing that holds all parties together is when everyone is able to blend well. Be it same interest, same school, same choice of music...anything will do but something must be there allows everybody to get along. Without people clicking at a party your likely to find segregation when people tend to form groups and not socialize with everyone else. This is really bad as it can ruin the forthcoming of a good party. Simple tip the moment everyone arrives introduce them to each other. Now I don't mean the simple 'Hi! This is ________ ', which usually results in even further awkward moments. I mean a genuine introduction in which you spend at least five minutes introducing each person. However this usually leads to the party getting over before it started as introducing everyone can take a really long time. Maybe you should have a pre-party just to introduce everyone who's going to be there....Hmmmm???
  • Those EPIC beats!!! Okay so he doesn't like rap, she hates pop, they don't like any sort of music, I think he only listens to one song ARRRRRGGGHH!!!! It's a never ending trauma in deciding what kind of music to play at your party. You could always go the professional route and hire a DJ but then that party is likely to be your last :P A bit of advice, play whatever you feel is great to dance to cause once someone starts to shake a leg ain't nobody gonna stop.
  • That PARTAY atmosphere. Imagine a scene in which it's completely bright, there's no space to move, your friends are all slouched on the couch thinking why did they come here and your mom is in the kitchen screaming at you in hindi whether your friends would like something to eat. THAT, is definitely PARTY SUICIDE. What I'm talking about here is if you're gonna have a successful party then you gotta have a right atmosphere for it.  This usually means, no parents ( for at least 2/3 hours ), space to dance ( even if it means carting away the furniture ) and finally that perfect dim light setting which is just right to party. 
  • FOOD-NOMNOMNOMNOM !!! Good eats are important to ensure that your guests remain happy ( No one likes a cranky guest complaining 'WHENS the food going to be here???' ). You have two options here, either you get food cooked ( Which means hell for either you or most probably your mother... or your cook actually :P ) or you can order in which is the best option. Now deciding what to order can be a problem, you choices are PIZZA or PIZZA. Over the past few weeks I've discovered ( Or rather come to the obvious conclusion ) that at almost all parties pizza is the staple food. Its cheesy, tasty and most probably from Pizza Hut, for parties it's perfect. I personally love the mountains of cheese on the margarita though they tend to become stringy and difficult to eat while hot.
  • Sexy Clothes.Its not a party unless your looking good so dress up. Nobody likes that one guy who walked in wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday so make sure you look cool. Ideally you should wear something that's casual but with the air of style. Loose clothes are also important cause if your going to be wolfing down 6 to 7 slices of pizza then your pants are going to be feeling pretty tight. Oh yeah make sure your clothes don't stain cause you don't want to be the person with sweaty armpits after all that dancing 
  • The right ATTITUDE!!! Remember if you're invited to a party for God sakes don't make an ass out of yourself. Act cool and try not to upset anyone. Being a good guest is just as important as being a good host. Don't expect anything extravagant or mind blowing from your host and be happy with what you get. Remember it was they who took the trouble to organize this entire event so you better appreciate it.

If anyone of you actually wondered what a REAL party looks like I attended one earlier, hence no post yesterday. I created this clip as a gift to the Birthday Boy...Enjoy ( Srry for the low rez though -its a large file )

Dont Forget The Pictures

Hope you enjoyed todays article...Come back tomorrow for the next DAILY post :)

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