Thursday, July 7, 2011

♪ ♫ Music to My Ears ♩ ♬

usic, where do we begin. You've been there for centuries changing with each new generation. You've been used by us as a muse, a comfort, an obsession and a friend. Most importantly you've been used to dance to. I think the story of how music started was that a caveman banged himself with a stone and said to himself, 'UGH BEAT GOOD'. Well that's my opinion anyway. So today I decided to honor this great addition to our lives by devoting an entire article to it. Here's hoping that I do it justice.

♬That Musical Genre♬
Okay so unlike previous generations where everyone basically listened to folk music, ( I had to look this up cause I have no idea what folk music was, is it something to do with your parents?) in today's modern world music can be classed into several different categories or genres ( this word totally sounds french, say it out loud ). This was the first time that I used a questionnaire based approach to get my information and I'm pleased to say that I got some seriously good results (thanks guys and girls. cause I know someone out there is going to correct me ). Hopefully I was able to describe each type adequately enough so as not to offend any one. So here are the current most common music groups being listened to.

  • Rhythm & Blues-It was definitely news to me when I found out that this popular jazz and blues combination of music was originally referred to as 'race music'. This is because it was mainly meant for black audiences. Now I'm am a person who is definitely anti racist and I was shocked to hear that the blacks were keeping all the good music for themselves. Seriously though, R&B has grown through the years and is now enjoyed by everyone around the world. There, you see anti racism wins again :). 
  • Metal- Whether light,heavy or even death metal, there are those out there who enjoy listening to all forms of it. Now while I'm personally not a fan of goths screaming into a mic, there is a certain background to why this rather painful to listen music has become so popular. Most of the artists of this group have seen troubled times and as a way to emotionally ease themselves from the pain they may have suffered they have decided to share it through song. That said I feel that Metal then rightfully deserves the claim of most intense music. 
  • Rock- Now this is a very difficult group to explain. The reason is that rock has diversified into so many different categories, that it's hard to tell whats what  (Seriously I got confused trying to understand this one). There's slow rock, country rock, pop rock, folk rock, death rock and even German rock to name a few. What is rock though? It's actually an extreme form of 'Rock 'n' Roll'. Yeah, that means those creepy old dudes we see from the Beatles ( They're actually cool old dudes ) were actually the forefathers for one of the most sought after sounds today.
  • Rap- Though only a few years ago did it start increasing in popularity thanks to a certain rapper, Rap actually first started in 1980. This seriously shocked me as I imagined our parents rocking out in their seriously ugly Bell-bottoms and Hawaiian Shirts to what until recently considered was good music ( No guesses to what changed my mind ). However even though that bit of info may have scarred me for life, Rap is still cool and is currently now the most demanded music.
  • Trance- This is a new one for me, I didn't even know that such a genre existed till I got a few responses about it. I may have just liked the music but didn't know what to call it but that's a different story. Getting back to trance it actually only came into creation in the latter part of the twentieth century, so its pretty new. It's also thought that the Germans started trance music, so I guess we have something to thank them for after all ( no offense to my frankfurter eating readers I ♥ u all if any ). So Trance is basically this mix of beat built in with synthesized techno sounds. That said it definitely is something to watch out for and I hope that its music will be to my taste ( TRANCE! you now have one more fan ). Trance has also branched out into progressive trance and I also found something called Goa Trance ( Yes I know its epic)
  • Pop- Lively, modern and fun are all words that describe this worldwide enjoyed genre. Seriously since like the 1960s nearly everyone has been hooked on pop music. Mixing soulful lyrics with an upbeat rhythm this music is perfect to dance, sing and even listen to ( key on word listen ). Simply stated Pop music can be described as Funk Rock, just not that funky and not that rock ( That made sense didn't it??? ). It's also probably the first type of music that had a chorus in its songs although that trend later caught on when other artist found out that people like drowning out music with their own words.
There are other music groups out there, but they are a selective taste and so I have not mentioned them, this doesn't mean that your choice is bad it's just different. Remember Don't be Afraid to be Different.

♮ Those Musical Legends ♭ 
In a Flash
Eminem...Cool dude, epic lyrics                                                             
The Queen of Pop-Madonna
Micheal Jackson...If only he still be 'Stayin Alive' R.I.P  The King of Pop
That guy makes everything sound good-John Mayer
Linkin Park...It's like 'Epic' in a Band
No one can make lyrics more heart rending-Rihanna
The Black Eyed Peas...Huge songs made for a huge band
Currently most sought after-David Guetta
Celine Dion...Her 'My heart will go on' didn't sink like Titanic
Made 'Trance' great-Armin Van Buuren
AC/DC...There's gonna be a monopoly game on them so they're THAT good
Dublin's Heroes-The Script
Pitbull...That 'Shady' dude with the epic lyrics
Name seems familiar somehow-Omarion
Usher...He so paid that DJ
 Every teardrop is a rainfall :')-Coldplay