Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Times the best...YEAH RIGHT!!!

Okay so I'm leaving for India soon and while dreading the thought of getting a cold, being bitten by mosquitoes and sweating buckets in the hot sticky weather I realized there's a way to prevent all of this. So I'm traveling, big deal I've done this plenty of times before but I never learned my lesson when it comes to taking care of myself. Falling sick in a foreign country ( YEAH...To me India is Foreign), can be a major setback for your vacationing...But how to avoid that??? Well I was thinking just the same thing and was wondering if you could help me out with that...LOL JK, I know I'm going to fall sick anyways but for the rest of you...

Do away with sleeveless and half sleeves- Yes, I know you're thinking that in the middle of summer I'm mad to want you to wear full sleeved shirts. Trust me it will help, especially in the nights when the insects can't get to your skin for dinner. If you find it too hot to wear, try wearing lighter materials like cotton and avoid nylon.
Get some ZZZs on the plane- Especially useful...If you're like me and you get bored instantly on a flight despite the stack of comics you've brought with you and the entertainment system on the plane then avoid sleeping the night before the flight. It's for a worthy cause as your flight will get over fast and you'll wake up feeling refreshed. The major factor why I recommend this is that you'll avoid Jet-lag cause your body gets adjusted to a different time zone, and if you cant seem to fall asleep in the plane just read my articles guaranteed knockout...:P
Food Freakout- DO NOT GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS...Yes I know that stall serves the best Frankie in town, and I know that you haven't had Ice Gola in ages but remember that neither has your stomach  so go slow...Or else you'll end up like me unable to sleep at night cause your stomach feels that a volcano is erupting in your stomach. As a daredevil idea I suggest building up your junk intake slowly, perhaps practice by eating anything and everything with chemicals in it before your trip?
Tech Central- Whatever you do, don't forget your gadgets or you will suffer. With results coming online now you don't want be biting in nails in some shady internet cafe as your results load on some archaic machine. NO!!! You want to be biting in the comfort of your own home while your magnificent laptop instantly displays the thing that will make or break your day :P...One thing though take care of your gizmos overseas. Remember it can be damp, dusty and sticky abroad and all of this can get into your stuff. Keep it covered and make sure the cover is covered...Trust me protection is important
Sanitation- Okay so hands need to be washed, keep a sanitizer with you at all times. No matter what you may think roadside food is not clean so remember that when the unshaven waiter serves you your food.Also it's important to stay dry all the time cause if you get wet during these summer months then prepare for fungal infections EVERYWHERE...
A Calender- This final most important traveling essential is required so you can know how many days left until your miserable vacation ends.Till then I guess you could just read my blog, but no ones that sick ;D
Hope you enjoyed today's article...Come back for more POSTS!!!:)

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