Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yeah okay, so you think that what you say can HURT ME!!! I'm a wall of RUBBER fool!!! Anything you say bounces right off me. You know what I'm talking about right? Putting a person down is an everyday thing, we do it without realizing or sometimes without even caring but little do we know that we've hurt the person standing right next to us. Yeah don't try and deny everyone has insulted someone at some point of their lives...But WHY??? Whats the point!!!...I thought of a couple of reasons that may help better explain it...

Okay so first of all the major reason is JEALOUSY...Yeah you can deny it all you want but you know it's the truth. Everyone gets jealous even I do but it's how we act that matters...Do I stab my friend in the back just cause of a little jealousy? Yep we all do but no one thinks of the other option of just keeping it all in. What about the way we act? So she's a little different...MUST AVOID AT ALL COST... So what if she stands out BIG DEAL. And if that guys a little smarter than you he automatically becomes a nerd ;)...Still a lot has to be said for these people who are actually being insulted, I mean they're the ones who have to bear up with our drama each day. However some of them tend to crack up and end up slitting their hands with a rusty shaving blade... Yeah you can blame yourselves for that. But for those who don't they're the ones who just wait for the day when they can escape from this cage that is their life and finally be free to do what they want. I would like to be like those people someday but that's another story...

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