Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wish I could crawl into the ground and DISAPPEAR

Embarrassment...That one word says it all. We've all been embarrassed at some point of time in our lives. It could be by our parents, our friends or even by ourselves. I used to get embarrassed a lot when I was kid and looking back now I realize how foolish I was to be embarrassed by such stupid situations. Over the years people learn to cope with embarrassment but it always there, waiting for you to slip up so that it can strike like lightning. People get embarrassed by really stupid things but today I'm going to list the most obvious ones

Parents-Well this is a biggie. It seems like right after people turn into adults, they forget of how embarrassed they used to get by their parents when they were kids and see no reason in not embarrassing us as well. Seriously, would it kill you not to show my baby snaps to every person you meet. Oh, and if you're wondering why I haven't added you on Facebook despite your invite it's because I DON'T WANT TO... Still it could be worse *NOT*
Wardrobe Malfunctions- MY PANTS HAVE A TEAR IN THEM!!!...Breakout in sweat, think of ways to cover rip...'Uh I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back, *Hides for 2 hours*, Ready to leave?, Yeah where have you been , Upset Stomach lets go NOW!!!'...This ever happen to you?...Join the club. Every now and then our clothes decide to wreck with our social lives...Probably pay back for how badly we've treated them. Still that's no reason for our clothes to get so pissed off...Or is it? Presenting the blockbuster hit this summer...I KNOW WHAT YOU WORE LAST SUMMER!!!
Speaking with out thinking- GOD!!! What did you do to your Hair!!!, What did you say ?, OH!!! Um nuthin nuthin...Could there be anything more wrong with that situation. Yes people often have that problem where they say whatever is on their mind without thinking how it will affect the other person. This often to leads to rather awkward situations which isn't pleasant...I should know having this habit for so long now...At least I'm trying to quit, not doing much help though :P
Gaseous Situations- Too much Pepsi can be a bad thing especially when you're a guy with girls or vica-versa...Actually scrap that, How come when girls burp people think it's cute but when a guy does that it's disgusting...Whatever I've never had this problem so I don't know how it feels ( though trust me I've had my fair share of embarrassing situations ). Still gas is a major issue that yet has to be solved...Oh wait don't eat spicy food or drink fizzy drinks, problem solved...Or is it?

 Well I guess I'm done, if you got any embarrassing situations that you feel could top mine..feel free to share and relive the nightmares...Till then stay tuned for more POSTS!!!:)

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