Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That Parental Problem

Every one of us has or had parents at some point of time...They could be biological,foster or simply guardians taking care of you. Even Adam and Eve the original duo had God as their parent but that's taking it a bit too far. Today's modern parent strives at making our teenage life a living hell. The sad part is we have no choice but to obey them till we MOVE OUT. Seriously I would love to know who invented that stupid rule. Till that time when I find the rule's creator and Deal with him you can amuse yourself by reading in just how many ways parents make your life a living hell...

  1. Curfews. The most common problem facing all teens of my age. These curfews act as an invisible law telling you till what time you can stay out and when you must return home. Most parents set curfews at a reasonable time e.g 10 30pm but some can go to serious extremes. This mean no late night parties, no hanging with your friends, and definitely NO STAYING UP LATE.
  2. Control issues. Almost all parents at some point of their lives have had control issues. This usually happens when their children are growing up which can be very hard to adapt to. Parents like to be charge of things in their life and an uncontrollable teenager can come as a shock to them. Common signs of control issues are: Freaking out when you bring a girl/boy home; Shocked when you ask for more pocket money ( seriously they need to adjust to inflation ); Amused that you think you can do something by yourself AND WORST OF ALL they refuse to accept that you're not a child anymore.
  3. Eating habits. Usually a mom or grandparent related issue , they don't understand how you can eat artificially created and chemically infused foods. This usually leads to ("When I was a young boy/girl we didn't have any of this, instead we ate pure wholesome blah blah blah!!!"), talks which can be quite boring and irritating to listen to. Seriously like any of them would ever care what they were talking about if they ever tried a REDBULL
  4. The Clean Freak. One of the most irritating things parents can do is force you to clean your room. If your gonna call it MY room why not just let ME be in charge of cleaning it. You might as well call it the room in which I just happen to sleep in and must be kept clean by me at all times. The worst part about clean freak parents is that they confuse books lying on your bed or clothes not put away as an act of sin which must be dealt with.
  5. Study study study study!!! It seems that the major goal in parents life is to make us study. From day one when you are born a book is shoved into your face and your forced to mug stuff that you don't understand. Seriously like when is learning what a volcano is ever going to be useful, and WHO cares about history when were just learning about the dead. Seriously our parents have got to realize that they have to stop forcing us to learn stuff that we'll never use and rather focus on more important things like when our allowance increase will become effective
  6. Thinking that they're better than you. This sadly is a trait inherited by most parents from their parents. They feel that just because they're older and more mature it makes them wise enough to take charge of our lives. It's sad that not one of them realizes that in order to truly be appreciated by their children they must learn to treat them like equals. They always seem to feel that whatever they say is the right thing to sad. In reality most parents can learn a thing or two from their kids by simply listening to what they have to say 
  7. Technology haters. It's seems like with every new year parents are falling far behind on technological understanding. Who can blame them as a few decades ago no one had ever heard of PMs or blackberries. However I feel that they're going a bit too far when they set limits on the amount of time you can use the computer or your mobile giving weak excuses such as ' Go out and breathe some fresh air and play with your friends' just to get us to stop using them. What they don't understand is that while the rest of the world is busy communicating using the internet, we're stuck outside breathing FRESH AIR. Oh yeah in Dubai breathing fresh air is not an option as you'll likely suffer sun stroke :P
  8. The Embarrassing And Interfering Factor. The worst part of all parents is that they live to embarrass you. Be it wearing ridiculous clothes in front of your friends or just HAPPENING to show your baby pictures to all of their coworkers. Even technology savvy parents embarrass you by posting on your wall on Facebook. Also parents seriously need to set some boundaries  about how much they can interfere in your life. It seems that parents always seem to fear the worst when you tell them that you did 'NUTHIN' in school when in reality you actually did nothing. The worst kind of parents are those who interrogate about every little detail of your life until you can stand it no more.

But this all applies to everyone else parents, not mine. 
You may call it PREJUDICE, I call it LOVE!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post. Come back tomorrow to the sequel story, 'Parents-A blessing in DISGUISE???'

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