Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As horrible as it seems, in today's high pressure world suicide is not an uncommon thing. Every now and then someone snaps and ends up wasting their own perfectly good life. But what could drive once normal people to such extremes??? The answer is simple

Academic Hell-We all know this works, overbearing parents force you into spending half your teenage life studying until you can stand it no more. They act as puppet masters controlling your every move, cutting away things that may distract you from achieving your true potential like friends, games or even time to relax. The stress is so much so that you decide to end it all just to escape your parents wrath. You could also look at it in a different way. Your parents spend thousands to get you into a good college but you end up doing bad and rather then face your parents disappointment you decide that ending your life is an easier alternative. We've all seen plenty of these cases before, reports of teens hanging themselves in their college dorms just cause their results were bad. While it may be sad to think that for things as small as marks an entire family is torn apart, but that's the truth of life, the sad sad truth...

Inferiority Complex- I'm too fat, my friends think I'm ugly, I'm so unpopular, Everyone in my life hates me...Heard these phrases before??? Ever felt like your life is not worth living??? Then my friend the simple truth  is you have an INFERIORITY COMPLEX, a.k.a teenage depression. While easy to to name it's a bit more difficult to explain. In simple terms, you focus too much on whats wrong with your life and refuse to think about the joys of it.  This kind of problem rarely leads to suicide but in extreme cases people have been know to kill themselves just because they feel the world would be better without them. A waste of a precious life if you ask me

A puff of this, A sip of that- We all know how it starts, a friend offers you a drag and you politely refuse because you don't smoke but the next time you see everyone doing it and you start to think. Or you're at your friends place for a party they start drinking and you feel like the odd one out. This pressure starts to build until you can stand  no more. You have two options here, betray your parents trust and give into temptation or simply commit suicide to ease away all that pain.It's sad to think how many choose the latter..These options though are not the only ones as you can always resist the temptation but I'm just pointing out the two that are most likely to go through a person's mind

Betrayal of Trust- Ever confided in your friend your most deepest, darkest secret only to be discovered that they couldn't be trusted??? Imagine the horror when your friends find out and judge you for the rest of your life...Thinking that something like that could never happen to you or that you don't have anything to hide??? Everyone has issues no matter how small and it can be incredibly embarrassing when the rest of the world finds out about them. This may seem like a stupid reason for you to commit suicide but there are always those rare cases... If you want my advice, feel proud about your issues, they're just another bit of you that makes you unique


Today's article was based on something important, if you know someone who's going through stuff like this ( It could be be you or even your friend ), help them prevent making a terrible mistake. Remember DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT...My heartfelt condolences to all those who lost their lives in yesterday's bomb blast and to the families that were torn apart...May they find peace with themselves

I hope you found today's article interesting, come back next time for more POSTS!!!

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