Thursday, August 11, 2011

It feels good to be alive

Life never felt so good...Something could probably be clouding my judgment but when I stepped outside and gazed at the fierce orange sunset while the cool sea breeze blew past my face I felt like nothing could ruin this moment...That perfect moment lasted 2 seconds cause the rains decide to screw with my happiness and literally 'Rained on my Parade'. Oh well it was nice while it lasted. This brings me to today's topic happiness, something I though was irrelevant until a year ago...

It's not how you got it but keeping it with you that's important. My happiness is usually short lived to a perfect grade cause then I start worrying about how to get my next one. Never could get the hang of long lived happiness, don't think I ever will. Still for the few lucky ones out there, enjoy this great moment cause you never know when the next one may come along. I've been TINKERING with this for a while and today seems like any day to unveil it

On the other side

I wish your joy was like a bubble,
As I waited for it to burst,
And wished for once that life would rain on you
So you could finally feel how much it hurts

I wished your pain was like a scar
Taking years to fade away,
And that that happiness inside you
May die at last today

I never thought for a second,
Why you deserved all of this
But as I watched you suffer
I thought my heart would find bliss

But bad and bad do not make good
And neither did my crimes
So I sit here thinking of you
Your pain becoming mine...
-Danesh Sethna

Life is too short to let go off, embrace whatever you can

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